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ATV LUG Treat Pattern Tires
SKU #: MAS000971
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Hi-Run ATV LUG Tread Pattern Tires sets the standard for trencher tires with beefy "WIDE" casing ensuring maximum durability and optimum flotation. There is a beveled deck area between the bar lugs ensures exceptional tread cleaning to deliver maximum traction in the softest of soils.

  • 2 ply
  • SU18 tread pattern
  • 13x5.0-6: OD 13.0 in., SW 4.6 in., TD (x/32) 10.1, 4.5 lbs., Max Loading 295 lbs., PSI 20.2, 14.6 lbs., Max Loading 695 lbs., PSI 12
    • 18x9.5-8: OD 17.9 in., SW 8.7 in., TD (x/32)