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Bee House

Make a Bee House

Our planet has seen a massive decrease in bee population over the last several years. Reasons as to why can be debated, but you can help save these important pollinators by providing a new habitat for a colony!


Weather Radio

Program Your Weather Radio

During severe weather season, it is crucial to have a plan of action in place before a big storm hits. Get all the latest up-to-date weather, hazard and civil emergency information with a weather alert radio.



Many Uses for WD-40

It’s common knowledge that WD-40 will help eliminate rust and silence squeaky parts. But did you know that the wonder product actually has over 2,000 uses? We’ve tested out a handful in this guide!


Scent Elimination

Mask Your Scent During the Hunt

One of the toughest parts of hunting is fooling a monster buck’s impeccable sense of smell. His nose knows human odors simply don’t belong in the woods. Download this guide to improve your hunt using scent elimination products.


Rain Barrels

Install a Rain Barrel

Did you know your residential water use increases up to 50% in the summer months? Most of that increase is due to outdoor water use, and it definitely affects your water bill. Save money by installing a rain barrel. We’ll show you how.


Giant Pumpkins

Grow a Giant Pumpkin

So you want to grow the biggest, baddest pumpkin on the block. With the right conditions, the right seed and a dose of luck, you can grow a pumpkin that makes other pumpkins look wimpy by comparison. We’ve got some tips.


Deck Washing

Pressure Washing Your Deck

Pressure washing your deck may appear to be as easy as waving a wand back and forth. However, it’s important to understand how your pressure washer works, and the proper amount of pressure needed for the job.


Mower Maintenance

Maintain Your Lawn Mower

Whether you have 5 acres or 50 square feet of lawn, you’ll want to keep your mower in tip-top shape as long as possible. Keep your machine’s performance up to par with our handy list of routine maintenance.


Meat Processing

Your Guide to Meat Processing

Whether you’re a hunter whose harvested a deer or a farmer that’s chosen to butcher a steer, processing your own meat can be rewarding. We’ll take a look at the process of using an electric meat grinder and bagging ground meat.


Herb Gardens

Growing an Herb Garden

Add a fresh touch to meals in the kitchen with your own homegrown herbs. By creating a suitable environment you can grow herbs indoors any time of the year. Let us help you get started!


Flower Tower

Build a Flower Tower

Add a splash of beauty to your patio, deck or anywhere else outside with our DIY flower tower. With supplies you may have on hand, just an hour or two of time, and a little bit of labor, you can create a unique addition to your landscape.


Fire Pit

Build a Fire Pit

Backyard fire pits are the perfect place to make outside memories with family & friends. Who doesn’t love sitting around a fire making s’mores or just relaxing? We have all the tools, materials & instructions you need to build your own!



Repairing with FiberFix

Originally inspired by medical casting tape, FiberFix is a self-claimed “ridiculously strong repair wrap”, and is 100 times stronger than duct tape. Fix nearly any broken object in about 10 minutes!


Crate Training

Crate Training Your Pet

Crate training can be very time consuming, but well worth your time. It is necessary for safety, damage prevention, and house training. It teaches your dog where their own territory actually is. Even cats can be crate trained!


Chicken Breeds

Choosing the Right Chicken Breed

With hundreds of chicken breeds available, choosing the right one for you can be overwhelming. Ready to dive into the details of chicken breeds? Check out this project guide.



Working with Chainsaws

Chain saws are a handy tool for cutting wood quickly, but failure to operate it correctly can be dangerous. Before you even think about making that first cut, consult the owner’s manual. For more tips, get this handy guide.



15 Easy Uses for Burlap

It’s brown, it’s scratchy, and it’s versatile. How many things can you do with a brown burlap sack? Here, we give you 15 ideas, but the sky’s the limit! Experiment with your own uses.



Get Started Raising Rabbits

Rabbits are a great addition to any homestead; whether they are being raised for lean, nutritious meat or just as a family pet. They are extremely cost-friendly, and require minimum space. Plus they’re adorable! What’s not to love?