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Plus Battery Charger
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Battery Tender
Plus Battery Charger

Model #: 021-0128
SKU #: 107336313
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Battery Tender® Plus Battery Charger is a 1.25 amp battery charger designed to fully charge a battery and maintain it at proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers. Included is a quick connect ring terminal harness for hard to reach areas and alligator clips for an alternate connection. This charger is temperature compensated to ensure optimum charge voltage according to ambient temperature. It automatically switches from full charge to float charging mode. The Reverse Polarity Protection ensures user safety. Red & Green Lights Alternately Flash in this condition. Not for sale in California and Oregon.

  • 1.25 amp
  • Complete 4-step charging program (Initialization, Bulk Charge, Absorption Mode, Float Mode)
  • Perfect for all lead-acid, flooded or sealed maintenance free batteries (AGM and gel cell)
  • 10 year manufacturers warranty
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